Floral Shoes Key Fashion Trend

Floral Shoes Key Fashion Trend

The appeal of floral shoes has soared to new heights. These shoes look modern and feminine, instantly pulling together just about any outfit. A key fashion trend for Spring 2016, floral prints complement an all-black ensemble perfectly. And consider how easily they turn the everyday uniform of jeans and a tee shirt into a special – and fashionable – ensemble.

Keep in mind that floral shoes are not just for those who favor high heels (although high-heel lovers fervently embrace this trend). Consider the print canvas slip-on shoe or the patterned ballet flat; these days, there’s no reason not to look fashionable while on-the-go.  In fact, casual attire has never looked so good.

A Versatile Shoe Wardrobe

Fashion trends also dictate mixing prints together. This is a tricky proposition at best.  A good rule of thumb: mix a small floral print shoe with stripes or polka dots.  When in doubt, remember that less is more.

Today’s modern woman will have at least one pair of floral shoes in her closet. Of course, one pair is never enough. And with retail prices under $70, there’s no reason not to indulge in this stylish trend.

Take a look at the newest styles from Camtrade’s Secret Celebrity collection. These shoes will definitely put a spring in your step!

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