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Fashion. Comfort. Value

Our Story

When shoe industry veterans get together in one room, you are bound to come up with some pretty amazing ideas. And, of course, some incredible shoes. That’s exactly how The Enjoiya Group (formerly Camtrade LLC) started out. What began with a few sketches and a couple of brainstorming sessions, resulted in three outstanding women’s footwear collections.

With 30 years of experience as a retail shoe buyer and wholesaler, The Enjoiya Group CEO Frank Cammarata took his biggest step in the footwear industry by launching casual, comfortable, and value-oriented shoe brands in 2013.

The Massachusetts based company operates three lines of high-style women’s footwear at affordable prices. Secret Celebrity® features trendy fashion designs, relying on unique materials, vibrant colors, and embellishments. Soft Comfort® offers an assortment of relaxed, sporty-casual looks with extra-padded insoles, elasticized uppers, and breathable fabric linings. Enjoiya®, the company's premium line crafted in Italy, features high quality materials, flawless workmanship, and a supreme fit. With comfort a huge priority, the collections consist of flats, sandals, wedges, boots, and sneakers.

Today The Enjoiya Group distributes all three brands to department and specialty stores, leading independent footwear retailers and online e-tailers. The company also operates individual e-commerce stores for Secret Celebrity, Soft Comfort and Enjoiya. Clearly, the combination of comfort, style, fit and value has proved to be exactly the right fit for The Enjoiya Group.