Do you sell in Master Cases Only?

Our product comes in musical assortments (pre-pack) of 12 pair case and solid size cases of 6 or 12 pairs. On occasion, we are able to accommodate when our customers are looking for certain sizes or assortments. Depending on the size of the order, we are also able to consider custom/make-up orders. Contact us at info@enjoiyagroup.com for more information on these opportunities. 

Sizing and Wide Widths

Currently The Enjoiya Group offers medium widths from 6-11 (including half sizes of  6 1/2, 7 1/2, 8 1/2 and 9 1/2) in all Secret Celebrity® and Soft Comfort® styles and colors. The Enjoiya Group has recently expanded our Soft Comfort® selection to include size 12 in all styles and colors, as well as wide widths in select styles and colors. 

Do you only sell Women’s collections?

The Enjoiya Group currently specializes in offering quality comfort and fashion at an affordable price in women's footwear. 

How do your shoes fit?

Overall, our shoes, booties and sandals fit true to size. Our goal is to design and produce shoes that are most true to US women's shoe size measurements. Depending on materials used and other factors, some styles may fit slightly differently. At The Enjoiya Group, your comfort is a top priority. If for some reason you are not happy with the fit of your shoes, please contact us and we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.


Where do The Enjoiya Group brands ship from?

California and Missouri

What is the average turn-around time for shipments?

Depending on the size and specifications of your order, our warehouse can generally ship within 24-72 hours. Larger orders may require up to one week. 

Can you accommodate "POE" orders?

Yes Please contact us at sales@camtradeinc.com or speak to your The Enjoiya Group sales representative for more information.  


How do I contact customer service?

You can reach our customer service via email at customerservice@camtradeinc.com or via phone at 877.699.8771