Sourcing Journal Looks to Camtrade for Footwear Trends

Sourcing Journal Looks to Camtrade for Footwear Trends

Sourcing Journal, one of the top trade publications, recently wrote a feature story on the new trends Camtrade will be focusing upon for Fall '19 and Spring '20. Take a look at what staff writer Christopher Hall has to say:



March 18, 2019 6:53AM ET

Camtrade Talks Women’s Footwear Trends for the Upcoming Seasons

By Christopher Hall




Now that spring is almost officially in the air, it’s time for brands to start looking at upcoming seasonal footwear.

Camtrade, always with its finger pressed to the pulse of mainstream footwear, has provided Sourcing Journal with the trends it is focusing on in the coming months.

Following a period defined by comfort and animal prints, Fall ’19 and Spring ’20 trends promise to give fans of the classics something to look forward to.

To start, Camtrade has announced that it will be offering genuine leather and suede in all of its collections, likely motivated by a growing interest in western styles. Additionally, the company says it will be focusing on color as a priority in the upcoming seasons, showcasing the growing power of fashion in comfort footwear.

Western Details

Soft Comfort Western Style Clog

Be it a sidewalk-ready western bootie or a moccasin-inspired slip-on, western details and styles are a big part of Camtrade’s upcoming Fall ’19 offering and an easy trend to follow for others. Large buckles and fringe made from leather or suede will be common in the fall, as exemplified by the above western-inspired clog from Soft Comfort.

Much like the western styles at FN Platform, the only constants among footwear that follows this trend are the accompanying details, and brands look to be willing to apply those details to a wide variety of silhouettes and styles for the fall.

The Strapped Calf

Soft Comfort Denim Jodhpur Boots

Heel details were all the rage in the previous season and it looks like rear details will be alive and well in Fall ’19. However, it’s possible they may be found a little higher on the calf instead of at the heel. Regardless, as trends become slightly more traditional, the details will become more subtle. Following that template, this is a trend that works well with the western details mentioned before and will likely be seen on a variety of silhouettes, as well.

Soft Comfort’s Denim Jodhpur boot shows how a combination of trends can work to create a silhouette that has mass appeal while staying true to the classics. Jodhpur boots are traditionally used in equine sports but, when combined with a casual strap, it’s a silhouette that looks right at home on Fifth Ave.

Comfort and Color in the Spring


Secret Celebrity Suede Carolina Sandal

Camtrade will be focusing on color for next year’s spring season. With Pantone declaring “Living Coral” to be its color of the year for 2019, bright pinks and saturated reds will be common in many lines—that is until a new color champion is crowned.

Camtrade’s Secret Celebrity specializes in fashion-forward comfort footwear and its upcoming footwear line for Spring ’20 is defined by its detailed straps and brash colorways. If bold colors continue to be popular, brands can look to styles that utilize color blocking and contrast to stand out while simultaneously appealing to the mainstream consumer.

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