Secret Celebrity and Women’s World Magazine Join Forces

Secret Celebrity and Women’s World Magazine Join Forces

Women’s World Magazine and Secret Celebrity have teamed up together to offer six lucky individuals the opportunity to win  two pairs of Secret Celebrity boots. The October issue  of Women’s World  features this exciting give-away. Readers can win a gorgeous pair of Flashlight and Keyport boots just by submitting their email address online.  It couldn’t be easier to enter! This promotion is also featured in the digital magazines of Closer Weekly, In Touch, Soaps in Depth, First for Women and Life and Style Weekly.  Here’s how the Women’s World Magazine highlights the Secret Celebrity give-away:

Gear up for fall with two stylish pairs of boots! Secret Celebrity® Living it Up footwear is designed for the savvy and contemporary woman who naturally radiates a sense of style, confidence and mystery. The shoe styles are “always hip and always cool,” with Secret Celebrity® being lauded as one of the most exciting new entries in the women’s footwear industry today! With emphasis on color, materials and silhouettes, the little details make all the difference: tasteful ornamentation, modern textures, comfort features and timeless styling blend seamlessly together to create visually appealing shoes at a very affordable and accessible price. So why not “live it up a little” and enjoy runway-inspired red-carpet shoes that won’t cost you a small fortune. That is, after all, fashion at its very best! Visit for more styles and via social on Facebook and Instagram. Enter now!”

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The Secret Celebrity boot collection has been a big hit with consumers, bloggers and the media.  Looks like the word is spreading about Camtrade Footwear!

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