Soft Comfort Traveler Sandal in Orange

Footwear Plus Touts New Designs of The Enjoiya Group

The September issue of Footwear Plus featured both products and new initiatives at The Enjoiya Group. First, the Soft Comfort Traveler sandal, new for Spring 22, is shown on a model. Aptly titled Orange Crush, the beautiful coral shade looks striking against the backdrop of the vivid blue ocean. Just goes to show that our shoes look even better in person!

Secondly, the magazine devoted an entire page to the launch of our new performance sneakers for the Soft Comfort and Enjoiya brands. Editor Greg Dutter wrote a comprehensive feature on why the company decided to enter this competitive field and what makes these collections stand out.

Lastly, Enjoiya Group CEO & Founder Frank Cammarata was quoted in a informative story on the success of the Atlanta Shoe Show. He gave a candid and intuitive perspective that summed up the show very accurately. All in all, terrific exposure for the company and our exciting new endeavors.


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