Footwear Plus Showcases Enjoiya Group's Fall 21 Designs

Footwear Plus Showcases Enjoiya Group's Fall 21 Designs

The new issue of Footwear Plus highlights the best fashion trends for Fall 21 and three of our designs were featured in the magazine! Obviously, we've got all the bases covered!

The popular Trendspotting column highlights the Enjoiya red loafer. It is an updated version of a beloved classic, and sure to be a big hit among our loyal fans. The vibrant color, combined with sleek lines and supple leather, offer both comfort  and style.

One trendy side, the Secret Celebrity lug lace-up combat boots stand out in a sea of green. The "Combat Rocks" feature shows one of the major trends for the upcoming season. With a chunky heel and fatigue print, these boots can easily take an outfit to the next level.

Last, but certainly not least, the Enjoiya snakeskin lug boot was chosen as an "Editor's Pick!" We can certainly understand why --it's a beautiful boot, with  just the right amount of edginess. Most definitely, it's proving to be one of the top-selling shoes in the Fall collection.



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