Enjoiya Sneaker Ad

Footwear Insight Highlights Fall 21 New Styles from Enjoiya, Secret Celebrity and Soft Comfort

Cover Footwear Insight March


The March issue of Footwear Insight endorses many of the new styles the Enjoiya Group has designed for Fall 21. To start, a full page ad, which features the  Enjoiya Val-Venosta sneaker series, was prominently displayed on page 1 of the magazine. Great place to be noticed!

The Footwear Eye, a popular column in the magazine, devotes a full page to the Soft Comfort and Enjoiya slipper collections, which will debut to consumers this summer. The comfort and style elements are clearly in evidence.

Additionally, there are two great product placements in the main "Comfort on the Go" story. The Secret Celebrity Mia sneaker and the Enjoiya Lucinda  wedge shoe were both showcased in the article. 

Clearly, the trade industry is taking note of all three brands and their design/comfort appeal. Fall 21 is shaping up to be the best ever!

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