Footwear Plus Magazine Features CEO Frank Cammarata

CEO Frank Cammarata Reflects on His Dream Job In Footwear Plus Profile


The Enjoiya Group CEO and Founder Frank Cammarata has experienced a distinguished retail career, so it's not surprising that the editor of Footwear Plus asked him to be the focus of a new column entitled A Note to My Younger Self.

In his "Road to Life" letter, Frank candidly discusses how he got into the shoe business, how his high school jobs shaped his life, how he came to open his own footwear company that now sports three successful brands, and how the pandemic effected his coma The letter shows the twists and turns that led Frank to his ultimate dream job. Candid, and at times humorous, the column spans the remarkable career of a very impressive --and down-to-earth -- shoe executive.

For a rare glimpse into the man behind The Enjoiya Group, read the full story here.

Also featured in the same issue are the Enjoiya Eterna leather wedge sandals. The vibrant lime green color really pops. All in all, The Enjoiya Group is "enjoying" some very well-deserved recognition!

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