Camtrade Two Page Profile in Retail Merchandiser Magazine!

Camtrade Two Page Profile in Retail Merchandiser Magazine!

Don’t miss the two-page color profile on Camtrade Footwear in this month’s Retail Merchandiser Magazine. The story, written by staff writer Janice Hoppe-Spiers, documents the growth and success of Camtrade, Secret Celebrity and Soft Comfort.

Retail Merchandiser, a widely respected publication in the retail industry for over 50 years, provides valuable insight into different sectors of retailing. With product and lifestyle images from both brands, the Camtrade feature delves into the company’s three year history and formula to success.

Aptly entitled “Stepping Out,” the story was written after the writer conducted a series of  interviews with Camtrade CEO Frank Cammarta. Featuring  a myriad of quotes from Cammarata, Camtrade’s growth and expansion is the overall focus. Excerpts are as follows”

We started by creating high-quality shoes with great style at extremely compelling value. From there, we took the time to construct our brand image. Our goal was to design footwear that excited the consumer,” Cammarata says. “We stuck to our guns by delivering consistent fashion, quality and comfort.”

Moving forward, Camtrade remains realistic when it comes to accomplishing its goals. “Companies have a tendency to get too far ahead of themselves and lose focus,” Cammarata says. “In the end, we are very disciplined about managing our growth carefully to support our long-term goals. We believe 2018 will be our best year ever.”

Click on the link below to read the entire, “hot off the presses” Retail Merchandiser story.

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